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Nine-Minute Pop Extravaganza, A Providential Trapdoor
The Jetenderpaul guys got together in mid-May 2006 to work on their epic indie-pop song, A Providential Trapdoor.  After a long hiatus, the band is back with an orch-pop outing that rivals anything the group has floated to date.  A nine minute song… It may seem like an odd step.  As those familiar with the group know, jtp songs range from about 1 minute, 30 seconds to 2 minutes, 30 seconds.  Not a lot of room for noodling.  Yet those tiny tunes still packed a powerful punch with hooks aplenty and melodies crammed to the rafters.  The longer format, or jtp.lf, allows for themes to fill out even more and for new experiments to run wild. 

The song has been growing over the last year since Jared Miller, Bobby Cave, and Greg Franklin first started working on it in a west Olathe, Kansas, basement.  Randall Stephens added bits and pieces in May.  In this latest incarnation, the song has grown even longer, with a new intro and outro.  It’s also become more melodically complex with each pass.  It should appeal to all fans of jtp and to pure pop enthusiast of all stripes. 

Information on a release date and format will come soon. 

Congratulations to Bobby Cave and Jeff Teel
Three cheers for Cave and Teel (aka chainsaw).  The Cave family has a new edition, a baby boy. Jeff Teel recently tied the knot with his sweetheart. 
Stephens, Miller New Stuff
Jared Miller has accepted a job with the FBI in Washington, D. C, where he lives with his wife.  Randall Stephens teaches history at Eastern Nazarene College in the Boston area and is completing his manuscript on southern pentecostalism to be published by Harvard University Press.  Stephens is also editor of The Journal of Southern Religion and associate editor of Historically Speaking.

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