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Jetenderpaul A Casualty too Serious to Afford 7" (Burnt Toast Vinyl & Hype City Records, Norway) March 2002.
Track Listing: 1. We Already Leapt that Fence  2. The Fotheroy Institute's Living Lecture Series  3. I've got Ears to Eavesdrop  4. Another Reason Why Ehrhorn Should Quite His Job  5. The Other Person's Cues  6. A Brief Epistemological Crisis (circa 1952)

Arising from the great plains in the Summer of 1996, Jetenderpaul still produces savvy, eccentric pop. The boys now follow up their 2000 full-length, The Modal Lines, with an exquisite seven inch.  A Casualty too Serious to Afford is chock-full of the finest whines and melodies available to humanity.  The 6 songs on this record range from revved-up psych to rustic pop.  Upon each hearing the listener will discover fantastic little vistas and strange new turns of musical phrasing.  On A Casualty, Jetenderpaul offers the best of intimacy and grandeur--bedroom rock with stadium-like visions. Fans of inspired, thought-provoking, slightly obscure rock will find much to praise herein. 

Jetenderpaul Jetenderpaul Presents the Modal Lines CD/LP (Burnt Toast Vinyl) Sept. 2000. 
Track Listing: 1. The Design  2. A Readjustment  3. Hudson Bay Drive 4. The Secret of the Day  5. An Old Pamphlet Quote  6. All I Wanted to Remember  7. Before You Became Princess Belltower   8. The Piles of Paper Left by You  9. Bonaventure (A Prototype) 10. Breaking Candy Cearts 11. Our Future's Passed  12. George Gabelson  13. Twenty-One.  Jetenderpaul Presents

Jetenderpaul Presents the Modal Lines is jtp's 3rd CD LP.  Most of the tracks run roughly 2:45, and are brimming with glorious transmogrifications.  If the songs’ hooks and crooks aren’t enough for you, Jetenderpaul uses an arsenal of heterodox instruments / sounds in the mix: sitar, bells, tympani, strings, analogues . . .  Some people hop genres, but here, as elsewhere, JTP conflates and confuses them. Little wonder there's pieces of rubentine pop, as well as old tyme rock & roll, and a myriad of other fragments included herein.  The CD also contains an enhanced cd-rom portion, featuring the video to "Our Future's Passed."

The Woolen Spires  CD/LP (Vainglorious Home Recordings, Burnt Toast Vinyl & Velvet Blue Music) August 1999. 
Track Listing: 1. It's All Chicanery  2. The Channel's Clear and Bright  3. I'll Always be the One in Need of a Palinode  4. The Road to Damascus  5. The Phenomenological Rhetoric of Summer Lingers On  6. Two Steps Back and One Below  7. The Sigh that You Aimed at Me  8. Reinventing Ought  9. The Intermission: A Prolegomena to Any Future Remembrances and a Harbinger of Scurry  10. Much More than Glimmering Eyes 11. Drowning My Faith  12. To Turn Around  13. The Song Admiral Dutchdoor Sang 14. Epson: The Anxious Bench 15. When Will We Dance in Golden Gowns?  16. Manward, Birdward  17. Our Epic Banality

Jetenderpaul's last cd, The Woolen Spires, was the band's best outing to date.  If you're looking for hooky indie-pop with melodies a-plenty, then this record is surely for you.  Jtp has never been afraid of experimentation, but on this album you'll find experimentation second to sheer song-craft. The Woolen Spires spent much time in the fermenting process and will capture the group's ever changing sonic bouquet to your delight.

 Don't Look Down CD/EP (VBM 024) May 1998. 
Track Listing: 1. Don't Look Down  2. Her Baroque Syntax  3. Stowaway Banjo  4. Chugga-Chugga, Mr. Chomsky  5. On the Frivolous Use of Seventeenth Century Bookends  6. The Joke's on You  7. Terra Cotta Tower

Released in June 1998, this seven-song e.p. is available through Velvet Blue Music.  Most of the tracks were songs previously performed live by jtp, but never recorded.  The songs, beech-wood aged in trousers, fermented with time until the group laid them onto a disc.  The e.p. captures the arbitrary pop flare of the group, evoking landscapes of the melanc(holy) ground they tread on ever so lightly.

Trying Signals: The Histrionics of Suggestion CD/LP (VBM 015) March 1997. Sold Out
Track Listing: 1. Turning the Tables  2. Trying Signals  3. The Maracas of Suspicion  4. Bob's Favorite (Seasonable Thoughts)  5. Approaching  6. India's Golden Gateway  7. Automation  8. Swing, Country!  9. Telling-ology (Cosmic Sympathy)  10. Self-documentation?  11. Amelioration 12. In Parking Lots  13. Heychasm  14. The Place of Fame and Elegy  15. Pryams Lot  16. The Last Sililoquy of Mr. Presley  17. She Said ... (Olathe!)  18. Sandscratch  19. Extension 214  20. Word Perfect Gigolo  21. The Post Colonialist Seize  22. My Sister Birds  23. The Terrible Speed of Mercy  24. Don't Look down  25. Pretty, Pretty Piano (Mansfield Park Edit)  26. The Fragments of Epicuris

In the winter of 1996-1997 jtp began recording this 26-song full length.  Switching from 4-tracks to eight, they made a foray into the unknown; the resultant effect: much cacophony, melodic hubub, and good-vibe calamity.  Above and below the ruckus of bells, whistles, and fist-to-cuff guitars rings a mini-symphony of coherence.  Throughout, pop melodies are infused with dastardly angular, hissy experimental material.

Kalypso  7" (VBM 009) October 1996. Sold Out
Track Listing: A: 1. Kalypso  2. Seapoon's Casket  B: 1. Plateau Diving     2.Texaco

This first effort of jtp skirts the boarderlands of VU's driving, dirty-bird rock tunes and indie jangle- pop.  Containing four songs, this warm record's quality cuts a nice, if lyrical, silohette on the walls of jtp's recording bedroom.  By far this 7" is the straightest indie-rock hog the group ever rode.

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